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Laser Training Institute
not-for-profit education, est. 1978


The Laser Training Institute
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Medical Laser Training at all Levels & Specialty Areas
Medical/Surgical - Aesthetic/Cosmetic - Laser Therapy
Medical Laser Safety & Safety Officers - Laser Repair Training
since 1978

Physicians, Nurses, Technicians, Aestheticians, Repair Technicians,
Administrators,Managers, Business & Practice Owners

 ANSI 136.3 Health Care Laser Safety Standards ~Buy.


Sharing The Light - Laser & Light Based Health Procedures
Medical Laser Education and Training are all that we do - since 1978.
We do not sell commercial products or services so you get VERY unbiased information.

Value in Our Live Seminars: Registration at any of our 2 Day or more Live Seminars gives you sigificant value in training by additionally:
- Choosing ANY of our Computer Based Learning programs for FREE, in addition to the seminar. (for yourself or a colleague or staff)
  - INCLUDING the optional NCLC Laser Certification exams for most seminars at no additional cost. (Aesthetic, Hair Removal, Medical Laser Safety Officer, Repair Technician)

Finding Information that you want:

Look at the links on the left side of each page for our Computer Based Learning (Online), Seminar Laser courses, and common questions (FAQ's).
Look at the other links at the bottom of each page for more information regarding laser suppliers, regulatory and licensing information, lots of free material, and much more.
Call or email us if you need more information or direction. NOTE: We're not a vocational school so we can't tell you what licensing laws are in your State (if any) -
 - In the FAQ's at the left look for the article "What you need to know about licensing, training and certifications" for more info.

Gregory Absten

Gregory Absten, Executive Director

Our Next Seminars: (Go To Seminar Dates to see dates, cities & more info)
 Online Training: - Anytime,      Laser Repair: - Columbus Ohio. Quarterly Certification Exams  On-Site Training - Upon request
 Laser Techs & Medical Laser Safety Officers with Certification Exams (MLSO) - Columbus Ohio & Marathon FL (FL Keys)

 Aesthetic Laser procedures - Optional 2 Day Hands-On and Testing supplement for our ONLINE Students - given quarterly in Columbus Ohio.