Going Overseas For Quality Medical Care:  Bargain Surgery

Savings Can by HUGE
Heart Bypass - $50,000 less than U.S.
Hip Repair - $30,000 less than U.S.
Spinal Surgery - $40,000 less than U.S.
A half million Americans per year are going overseas for quality medical care, being driven by outrageous medical care costs here in the U.S. and insurance that covers less and less. Patients report very attentive care. Time is as big a factor as money for overseas medical care. Patients frequently wait for weeks or months for a needed medical visit in the U.S. (especially if the insurer is medicaire or medicaid so that the facilities are not paid as much) where patients are generally seen right away in foreign facilities. You can even enjoy a short vacation in your post-procedure recovery period!

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Info below from Bumrungrad International compared to Southeastern US Average:
Prostate Surgery

Bangkok  $5-7K U.S.  $35-40K
Root Canal
Bangkok   $320 . U.S.   $900-1K
Hip Replacement
Bangkok  $9K     U.S.   $40-$50K
Spinal Surgery
Bangkok  $6-8K  U.S.   $50-70K
Comprehensive Checkup
Bangkok  $400    U.S.  $2K
Open-Heart Bypass
Bangkok  $10K    U.S.  $60-80K

Airfares: Under $1K to more than $3K round trip from U.S. to Bangkok, economy.  Private Hospital Room: $150 Bangkok vs. up to $1000 U.S.

*Note - Information provided in large part by the American Association of Retired Persons - see http://www.aarp.org/bulletin