Links to other Websites on Photosensitivity Issues:
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Explanations of Photosensitivity:

Family Practice Notebook - Drug-Induced Photosensitivy - a guide for Family Practitioners that lists many of the photo-sensitizing medications.

Fallene Ltd - Prescription Drugs and Photosensitivity - They offer a broad range of broad spectrum sunblocks as high as spf 65, and provide excellent educational materials on their website

Merck Manual - explanation of photosensitivity and short list of photosensitizing agents.

New Zealand Dermatological Society
- more medically oriented article on photosensivity with color photos.

FDA - Chemical Photosensitivity, another reason to be careful in the Sun
- Sun sensitivity can be a side effect of some medications.

Aetna InteliHealth - Sun Allergy / Photosensitivity - content reviewed by the Harvard Medical School

PhotoDynamic Therapy and agents:

Levulan Kerastick - from DUSA Pharmaceuticals - details on the Photodynamic procedure and photosensitizing drug used to treat Actinic Keratosis and various cosmetic uses including ACNE.

Photofrin - from Axcan Pharma Inc - First FDA approved photosensitizing agent for Photodynamic Therapy. Primary Medical/Surgical use for cancerous & precancerous lesions.

National Cancer Institute - Questions and Answers on PhotoDynamic Therapy for cancer.