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CHRISTMAS SPECIALS!  - Dec 2019 through February 2020

FREE "Surgical Laser Airway Safety", for physicians and hospital staff. Until end of Dec 2019
     Anesthesia, ENT, Pulmonary and related staff

* BONUS - Free "Laser Techs - Safety & Operation" (6), and online LSO course (1) for scheduling
    any hospital inhouse laser training class now through the end of February 2020.

* BONUS - Free online laser repair lectures (6), and online LSO course (1) for registrants for our
      February 2020 Laser Repair Class.

* BONUS - Free "Aesthetic Laser & Light Based Procedures" online course package for seven people, for scheduling a 3 day inhouse aesthetic laser course now through the end of February 2020.
Includes info on our new "private" aesthetic courses at our Ohio office for a $2500 flat fee for up to 3 people.