Medical Laser Safety Officer Certification

These Programs Also Qualify for the State Mandates in TX and AZ
$895, plus $100 discount for 30 day prepay
2 Day Seminars
INCLUDES the MLSO Certification Exams
For Surgical or Aesthetic Laser Safety Officers or Laser Operators

NEW! - Registrants for the LSO course are also provided our Online Practice CERTIFICATION Exam at no charge!
CLICK HERE to read more about this on the NCLC website.

Also check on our one day Laser Techs course which is the first day of this LSO course, ( for most LSO courses).

If you're already a trained LSO and just need the Day 2 on ANSI updates and/or Certification Exam, you can register just for day 2 only

1. Attend this LSO Seminar and take the exam at the end, or
                                                        2. Take our online LSO Course and schedule the exam at a location near you



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Certification Review Outline to study for the Certification Exam
NCLC Laser Certification Handbook - to review MLSO requirements
Free narrated powerpoint presentation on Laser Certifications, Training and Licensing
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Course Description:
PLEASE NOTE that this LSO course has nothing to do with clinical applications of lasers (other than to review some) nor any aspect of safely treating patients with lasers. In the U.S. the ANSI standards require that an LSO be appointed in any facility that uses lasers, and their function is to establish a laser safety program in order to maintain a safe working environment.
This two day course is designed for either the beginner or the intermediate student, or those seeking the NCLC Medical Laser Safety Officer Certification. Emphasis is on the development of a comprehensive laser safety program within a variety of differing health care facilities, including aesthetic office practices or major medical centers, and will assist participants in implementing the duties of the Medical Laser Safety Officer (MLSO). Directed toward the appointed Laser Safety Officer, and the Laser Operators & Staff that backup the LSO. This is where you start as a new LSO. It is applicable to both medical and aesthetic settings. The ANSI Standards has a requirement that ALL Staff working around Lasers have recurrent safety training at a minimum of once every 5 years, and this class will meet that requirement. It includes powerpoint presentations that you can provide to staff on Basic Laser Science and Safety, and also on Laser Airway Safety for Anesthesia and Physician & Support Staff.

LASER TECHS ONLY: $475 Day 1. If you're not actually the appointed Laser Safety Officer (LSO) but are instead a Laser Operator responsible for running the equipment during surgical procedures for the physicians, then you might opt to attend only Day 1 of this course as the "Laser Techs - Laser Safety and Operation" course for only $475. This includes attendance for only day one of this course which adequately covers content for Laser Operators. For more information please go to our "Laser Techs - Safety and Operation" page. Either of these 1 day options will be on the pull down menu from the registration form.

ANSI UPDATE and/or CERTIFICATION EXAM ONLY: $475 Day 2. If you're already the LSO and just need day 2 for the new ANSI Z136.3 updates (2018), then just come for that day. You may also sit for the LSO Certification exam if you want, if you are otherwise qualified (need to show 16 or more hours of previous formal education for laser safety officer). Since ANSI now recommends this Certification, it's your chance to catch up on ANSI and get your Certification all at once.

ANSI REVIEW & CERTIFICATION ONLY: $475 Day 2. If you are already the LSO and just want to go through the new ANSI Z136.3 Standards for Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care Facilities and take the review and NCLC Laser Certification exam for Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer (CLSO/M), then attend just the second day for $475. You must show evidence of prior LSO training (15hrs or more) in order to qualify for this one day only session. You'll be asked to submit a copy of that training.

Course Times & Outline
8am to 5pm both days. Includes the NCLC Certification Testing (optional) the last afternoon.
Registration the first day is at 7:45am with the course starting at 8:00am. CLICK HERE for the more detailed Syllabus.

Faculty - Alternating between the following listed faculty. Click each one for more biographical information:

Gregory Absten - Executive Director & President, Professional Medical Education Assn.
Dan Little - President, WorldLink Biomedical, and Technical Director the Laser Training Institute

What You Get - included with this course:
- Two Day Course. Electronic color pdf copy of the powerpoint presentations and separate
    "Lasers in Medicine & Surgery" course manual.
- Two separate PowerPoint shows that you may use for Laser Safety Inservices for your own staff
- Laser Airway Safety Powerpoint show (with embedded video) for training of ENT, Pulm, Anesth, and staff.
- Sample Laser Safety Policies and Procedures
- FREE CMLSO/M Online Practice Certification Exam - prior to the course.
- OPTIONAL: A.N.S.I. 136.3 Standards for "Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care Facilities" at a fee of $155
    Note: Each facility is required to only have ONE copy of these standards for reference by the LSO. Each individual does not need a copy of these standards, You don't work out of these standards for day to day use. They are used for reference in administratively developing your Laser Safety Program.

- OPTIONAL: Medical Laser Safety Officer Certification Exam - through the NCLC. Taken at the option of the attendee at NO additional cost. ($235 Dollar Value)
    We offer this exam and Certification at no charge to the student, but you MUST order it in advance when you register, or at least by the week prior. Otherwise there will be no exam available for you at the course.

Accreditation: - Certificate of Laser Training provided
16.1 Nursing Contact Hours.
Provider Approved by the California Board of  Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 12386. Most states offer reciprocity and accept these credits.

Laser Certification Exams:
The various Laser Certifications offered through the NCLC are voluntary professional credentials established in 2000. They are not a requirement to hold the position of the Laser Safety Officer, but do reflect a higher level of knowledge of the holder of the Certification. States that have requirments for formal training of LSO's only require the Certificate of Laser Training - not the actual Laser Certification. ANSI Standards now recommend obtaining this Medical Laser Safety Officer Certification.
This course does qualify one to sit for the NCLC Medical Laser Safety Officer Certification at the course end, and the testing/application fee is covered as part of this course. You'll also be given advance access to the Online Practice Exam.
Participants are encourage to download and read the Laser Certification Handbook for details on the MLSO Certification.

For Classes held in our Columbus Ohio Location, CLICK HERE for classroom location, and CLICK HERE for local hotel recommendations.

For Classes held in our Marathon Florida Location (Florida Keys) CLICK HERE for classroom and local hotel recommendations.

For Classes held elsewhere around the country, go to the SEMINAR DATES page, and then click on the facility name in the far right column for that course.

On-Site Laser Training Options:
Yes, we can deliver this program, and others, onsite at your own facility. Click on our In-House courses for more information.

CLICK HERE for our full refund policy. In a nutshell - LSO course cancellations may be made 30 days or more in advance, and any course materials must be returned. For cancellations between 30 days and 14 days out there will be a $25 cancellation fee. For cancellations 14 days or less prior to the course date there will be no refunds, although the registrant may reschedule for another course given within one year of the initial course, and make any substitutions in personnel as desired.

Seminar Locations: See Seminar Dates Page for dates and cities

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