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   Lasers In Medicine & Surgery Manual - 198 page color illustrated manual available in PDF. Free, but you must register. xx

    Sample Laser Safety Policies & Procedures in an Aesthetic Practice -
    These are generic in nature and MUST be modified to fit your specific situation, but it should serve as a very useful template.

   Sample Laser Safety Policies & Procedures for Hospitals & Medical Centers -

    Overview Article on Aesthetic Lasers
     - by Gregory Absten, Feb 2006. pdf file

    Introductory Powerpoint Show on Aesthetic Laser Principles - Free (PENDING)

    Licensing, Certifications, Certificates of Training, Credentialing, Laser Registrations - what are they all about?

  Laser Warning Signs - Courtesy of Dan Little from Worldlink Biomedical. Print out your free laser warning signs for whatever type laser you might have. DOCX's & JPG's you can modify. ANSI changed these signs in 2018 to "Warning" signs.

    Practical Electrosurgery Manual - Electrosurgical fundamentals and principles. A pdf file. This free version allows you to download the color manual on your computer, but not print it.

   AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) Article on Laser Basics - oriented toward laser repair technicians - by Gregory Absten. - pdf file

    Basic Electrical Concepts & Electronics - A free primer for those attending our Laser Repair classes who do not have a background in electronics.

   Laser Certification - National Council on Laser Certification: Link to the website on Laser Certifications. The NCLC is a credentialing board affiliated with our non-profit organization.

   NCLC Laser Certification Study Materials (Specific exam review outlines - not original teaching materials) Free

    ASLMS: American Society for Laser Medicine link to their website.

    Photosensitivity Resources - listing of many photosensitizing agents, links to the FDA and references manuals, short article on photosensitivity with Laser and IPL use.

Service & Technical:

    Code of Federal Regulations (Law), FDA Regulations on Laser Service Manuals: Explains the CFR requirements for manufacturers to supply service manuals upon request

Licensing & Regulatory Issues:

   Licensing, Certifications, Certificates of Training, Credentialing, Laser Registrations - what are they all about? (Primarily directed toward Aesthetics, but applicable to all)

    Boston MedTech Advisors - a consulting group that can answer your questions about aesthetic laser/ipl operator licensing requirements in any U.S. State.

    U.S. State Boards of Nursing - Link to a page that lists all US State's Boards of Nursing, on a Nurse Practitioner website.

TUTORIAL on administration of students in the Trakstar system - for authorized course instructors of the Laser Training Institute


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