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Professional Medical Education Association, inc.
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(Please note that all normal business correspondance including registrations, payments, mail, etc., should be sent to the Ohio Administrative office listed above.
825 33rd St Gulf, #15-16
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The Laser Training InstituteTM
Professional Medical Education Assn, inc
- not-for-profit continuing education, est. 1978 -
Meet the Staff

Although we work with an affiliated teaching faculty of over 500 individuals across the U.S. and internationally, these individuals run the office or direct our programs:

Cheryl Furbee
Laser Certification Coordinator
National Council on Laser Certification
Gregory Absten
President & Executive Director

Founder of Professional Medical Education Assn in 1978.
Chairman, National Council on Laser Certification
Curricula Vitae   (for course accreditation purposes only)

Lisa Absten
Office Manager and Course Coordinator
Dan Little
Technical Director, The Laser Training Inst.
President, WorldLink Biomedical
Curricula Vitae   (for course accreditation purposes only)
Herb Deigl
Director Advanced Technical Training
President, Universal Medical Lasers
Curricula Vitae  (for course accreditation purposes only)
Jessica Absten
Administrative Assistant, Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer (CLSO-M)
Jessica is currently (2021) a nursing student at Chamberlain University College of Nursing in Columbus, Ohio.
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Monday - Friday 09:00 a.m. - 03:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time (When we're in training you'll probably get voice mail - just leave the message)
Closed Saturday, Sunday and all Holidays.
   (if you have an after hours request and leave a message, we are notified automatically and can return your call)
Professional Medical Education Association is a NON-PROFIT, 501(C)3 TAX EXEMPT ORGANIZATION.
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We are affiliated with, but independent of, the non-profit NATIONAL COUNCIL ON LASER CERTIFICATION