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Computer Based LASER Training
Online E-Learning, taken at your own pace
(includes course manuals and slides that you can print out)


to download a pdf copy of our Course Catalogue with descriptions and pricing. Our Online programs are fully integrated with  narrated lectures and embedded video clips. Follow along with printed copies of the slides & notes. Download and read the chapters in the course manual. Quizzes are integrated throughout the course modules so they're graded automatically, and receive an Accredited Certificate through the mail at the end. 
Windows, MACS or IPADS.
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Aesthetic Laser & Light Based Procedures (includes hair removal) Laser & IPL Hair Removal
included in the Aesthetics already
Laser Tattoo Removal
included in the Aesthetics already
Physician Basic Laser
Science & Safety
(about 1 hr 45 mins)
Physician Urological Lasers
(about 30 mins)
Physician Ophthalmic Lasers
(about 30 mins)
Surgical Laser Airway Safety
Physicians, Anesthesia, ENT, Pulmonary & Team Members
Basic Laser Safety Inservices

(about 15-30 mins)
Laser Techs - Safety & Operation
for Laser Operators & techs in hospitals & medical offices
(about 4 hrs)
Medical Laser Safety Officer
(about 16 hours)
Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
Principles & Theory Foundation Course
Laser Maintenance & Repair Lectures
Overview ANSI Z136.3
Laser Safety Standards
(does not reproduce standards, but explains them as Cliff Notes)
Medical Laser Accidents
A review of 40 years of laser incidents and accidents
ONLINE Courses listed in the catalogue include, but are not limited to:

Although online training courses are helpful and applicable to anyone, they are absolutely perfect for an individual already working in an active surgical, medical or aesthetic practice where there are already experienced individuals to help them with the hands-on portions of traiing that they don't get from the online programs. These online programs give them a solid academic background in laser principles, safety, techniques and procedures.

What if you're not in an active practice or just starting out and need hands-on training as well?
    --- see our FAQ on hands-on training supplements. CLICK HERE FOR HANDS-ON TRAINING OPTIONS.
CLICK HERE for short PDF instructions on logging in to the program for the first time, or if you are having problems and need to work through it step by step. Generally it's intuitive and directions are not needed.